RustyNutz Packages
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FastTrack - $2.99 USD

Supporter VIP+ - $5.99 USD

Premium MVP - $10.99 USD

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How does it work??
Don't hesitate to contact us if you need assistance!

When you purchase VIP on our servers, you are directly supporting the growth and expansion of our community.

To purchase a VIP package:

• Select one of the packages above

• Select to purchase as a Subscription, a One-Off payment, or to gift to a friend

• Log in with Steam and Discord, so we can grant the perks

• Proceed to the checkout, where you can choose to pay with card or PayPal

That's it! Everything else is completely automated, and you will have your perks grant on the server instantly, and within 10 minutes on discord!

Make sure to join our Discord as well, to keep up with all we do within our community!!